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Cyclorama - Evolution of Life

Museum of Evolution of Life, one of the important wing of the Government Museum and Art Gallery was inaugurated on August 13, 1973. The section of Cyclorama - Evolution of life was opened in its first phase. In 1974-75 parts of the sections of Pre-history, Geology and Astronomy were added.

The Cyclorama - Evolution of Life is housed on the ground floor of the Natural History Museum. The first kind of its in Asia, it is a circular section of a diameter of about sixty feet with the ceiling about twenty feet high and around its circular wall are panelled fourteen large size 12'x 8' geological landscape paintings illustrating the origin of earth, evolution of life from unicellular organism to multicellular plants and animals through the Archeaozoic, Paleaozoic, Permian, Devonian, Triassic, Jurassic, Oligocene, Miocene and Pleistocene periods.

Evolution of Life Evolution of Life
Pleistocene Period
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The Cro-Magnon Man
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Evolution of Life
Triassic Period
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The panels in the Cyclorama of Evolution of Life depict the following:

  • The newly-born earth
  • The Archaeozoic era
  • Early Palaeozoic
  • Devonian
  • Permian
  • Triassic
  • Jurassic
  • Eocene
  • Oligocene
  • Miocene period
  • Pleistocene
  • Pithecanthropus Pekinesis
  • Neanderthal Man
  • Cro-Magnon Man
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