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Evolution of Man Section

About the section
The present section depicts the various stages of Human Evolution through charts, posters and fibre glass models of fossil reconstructions of various extinct Apes, Man-like Apes and Ape-like Men and extinct Homo sapiens.

The main aim of setion is to arouse genral awareness in the masses and curiosity and imagination in the young minds and to provide education on the subject.

Evolution of Man
Development of brain as the moving force of human evolution.
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Salient exhibits in the section of "Evolution of Man"


  • Human Evolution in perspective
  • Dating the evolutionary products and processes
  • Unfolding of life on Earth (Evolutionary Time-Scale)
  • Biological basis of life and source of evolution
  • Fossils and Fossilisation
  • Primate Order
  • DNA molecules tell the evolutionary story
  • Living Apes
  • Man's distant living relatives
  • Fossil Apes
  • Genetic distance as a measure of evolutionary relationship among men, apes and monkeys.
  • Human Phylogeny
  • Homonid - Timeline
  • Sahlenthropus Tchadensis
  • Australopithecines
  • Homo erectus and Homo ergaster
  • Homo habilis
  • Homo heidelbergensis
  • Neanderthal - Man
  • Homo sapiens
  • Evolution of locomotion
  • Development of brain as the moving force of human evolution
  • Evolution of Early Stone- Age Industries
  • Early Stone-Age Tools of India

Dioramic view of various fossil apes, man-like apes, ape-like men and Homo sapiens.

Early and Later Stone-Age Tools from Shiwalik region, North of Chandigarh City and Central and Southern India.

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